Monsoon Malabar

Creamy soft, spicy sweetness

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  • This coffee's origins

    Grown by small scale coffee farmers in the Indian state of Kerala, this deliciously unique coffee is dark roasted to create a powerful body, full of character.

    The origins of Monsoon Malabar date back to the British Raj, where the coffee would be transported deep in the hull of wooden ships. During the long voyage, the humidity of the monsoon season and sea wind, caused the coffee to ripen out of the cherry. Once the vessel finally docked in the ports of Europe, the coffee bean had changed completely in both looks and taste.

    Today this coffee is produced to deliver the same exceptional flavours, by sun drying the beans and then allowing them to mature in open sided stores along the Malabar coast, exposing them to the natural elements.

  • What to expect

    This truly unique coffee is creamy soft, with silky smooth sweetness and a slight bitterness.

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