Colombian Nevado de Huila

Floral Notes With Caramel Undertones

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  • This coffee's origins

    The mineral rich volcanic soils and high altitude of Colombia’s second highest mountain the Nevado de Huila volcano, provide the perfect topography for growing the very best of Colombia’s coffee.

    The altitude plays a vital role in the quality of this coffee as farming at high altitudes in organically rich soil lets the cherries ripen more slowly allowing the natural sweetness of the coffee bean to develop. The farmers in Huila work in perfect harmony with the environment, continuing age old processing techniques passed down through generations of coffee farmers.

    Once the cherries have been cleaned they are laid out in the afternoon sun, often on the roofs of the farmers’ houses. They’re then gently roasted for a creamy texture.

  • What to expect

    This coffee has hints of milk chocolate, floral notes and a caramel sweetness.

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