Brazilian Fazenda Ipanema

Notes of Marzipan and Sweet Milk Chocolate

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  • This coffee's origins

    Fazenda Ipanema is a truly magical farm embedded in the Serra Matiqueira Mountains in the Minas Gerias region, surrounded by native forests, abundant waterfalls and beautiful trails.

    Within this natural natural habitat the coffee absorbs the moisture in the soil meaning that the cherries grow bolder
    and juicier creating a distinct sweetness.

    The coffee variety grown on Ipanema is Catuai which ripens to a bright yellow before only the ripest beans with the highest sugar content are picked. They’re then spread out thinly on large drying beds to allow the warm Brazilian winds to circulate and dry the coffee.

  • What to expect

    With a full velvety feel, this coffee has a light acidity leading to notes of milk chocolate and marzipan, with a pronounced caramel undertone.

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